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This project uses the TensorFlow mnist_deep network trained on the MNIST dataset to do digit classification for a handwriting-input calculator. The digits are drawn with the mouse or a touchscreen. Then when the user clicks ‘=’ the digits are recognized and the equation is evaluated.

The provided Makefile does the following:

  1. Builds tensorflow MNIST graph file from the tensorflow/mnist directory in the repository.
  2. Copies the IR files from the mnist directory to the project base directory.
  3. Runs, which creates a GUI window for calculator input and handles calculator control.

Running the Example

To run the example code do the following :

  1. Open a terminal and change directory to the project base directory
  2. Type the following command in the terminal: make run


All development and testing has been done on Ubuntu 16.04 on an x86-64 machine.

This program requires:

  • 1 Intel NCS device
  • OpenVINO 2020.1 toolkit
  • OpenCV with associated Python bindings*.


Provided Makefile has various targets that help with the above mentioned tasks.

make run

Runs the sample application.

make help

Shows available targets.

make all

Builds and/or gathers all the required files needed to run the application.

make data

Gathers all of the required data need to run the sample.

make deps

Builds all of the dependencies needed to run the sample.

make default_model

Compiles an IR file from a default model to be used when running the sample.

make install-reqs

Checks the requirements needed to run the sample.

make uninstall-reqs

Uninstalls requirements that were installed by the sample program.

make clean

Removes all the temporary files that are created by the Makefile.

This repository is distributed under the MIT License. Individual applications and networks may retain individual copyrights. Other copyrights and trademarks may be property of others. All rights reserved.