Info Value
Package mvnc
Module mvncapi
Version 1.0
See also Graph.GetResult()


This function initiates an inference on the specified graph via the associated Intel® Movidius™ NCS device. After calling this function, use the Graph.GetResult() function to retrieve the inference result.


graph.LoadTensor(inputTensor, userObject)


Parameter Description  
inputTensor Input data on which an inference will be run. The data must be passed in a numpy ndarray of half precision floats (float 16).  
userObject A user-defined parameter that is returned by the GetResult function along with the inference result for this tensor.  


Returns True if the function works, False if not. When the graph is in non-blocking mode (GraphOption.DONTBLOCK), this function will return False if the device is busy.

Known Issues


# Enumerate Device
# Open Device, # Allocate Graph, # Set Graph Option
# Read an image, resize the image and adjust for mean if necessary to match the network expected size

if (graph.LoadTensor(img.astype(numpy.float16), 'user object')):
    print("LoadTensor success")
    output, userobj = graph.GetResult()

# Deallocate the graph and Close the device