GraphOption Enumeration Class

Info Value
Package mvnc
Module mvncapi
Version 1.0
See also Graph.SetGraphOption()


The GraphOption class is an enumeration class that defines the options that are passed to and received from the SetDeviceOption and the GetDeviceOption functions.

enum option type possible values get/set Description
DONTBLOCK int 0 or 1 get/set 0: Calls to Graph.LoadTensor() and Graph.GetResult() will block (won’t return until the action is completed) (Default)
1: Calls to those functions don’t block (they will return immediately). If the action coudn’t be completed the return value will indicate why. Graph.LoadTensor() will return MVNC_BUSY when the NCS isn’t able to perform the action because its busy, try again later. Graph.GetResult() will return MVNC_NO_DATA unless there is an inference that is ready to be returned. In this case try again later and when there is a completed inference the results will be returned.
TIMETAKEN numpy float array any get Return a numpy float array of inference times per layer in float data type.
DEBUGINFO string any get Return a string with the error text as returned by the device.