Type Function
Header mvnc.h
Return mvncStatus
Version 1.0
See also mvncOpenDevice, mvncDeviceOptions, mvncSetDeviceOption


This function gets the current value of an option for an Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick (Intel® Movidius™ NCS) device. The available options and their data types can be found in the DeviceOptions enumeration documentation.


mvncStatus mvncGetDeviceOption(void *deviceHandle, int option, void *data, unsigned int *datalength);


Name Type Description
deviceHandle void* Pointer to opaque device data type that was initialized with the mvncOpenDevice() function. This specifies which NCS device’s option will be retrieved.
option int A value from the DeviceOptions enumeration that specifies which option will be retrieved.
data void* For pointer option types, address of a pointer that will be set to point to a buffer containing the option value. For other types, pointer to a buffer where the value of the option will be copied. The type of data this points to will depend on the option that is specified. Check mvncDeviceOptions for the data types that each option requires.
dataLength unsigned int* Pointer to an unsigned int which must point to the size, in bytes, of the buffer allocated to the data parameter when called. Upon successfull return, it will be set to the number of bytes copied to the data buffer.


This function returns an appropriate value from the mvncStatus enumeration.

Known Issues