mvncStatus enumeration

Info Value/s
Header mvnc.h
Version 1.0
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A value from this enumeration is returned from most of the C API functions. The table below provides details on the meaning of each of the values in the enumeration.

constant description
MVNC_OK The function call worked as expected.
MVNC_BUSY The device is busy, retry later.
MVNC_ERROR An unexpected error was encountered during the function call.
MVNC_OUT_OF_MEMORY The host is out of memory.
MVNC_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND There is no device at the given index or name.
MVNC_INVALID_PARAMETERS At least one of the given parameters is invalid in the context of the function call.
MVNC_TIMEOUT Timeout in the communication with the device.
MVNC_MVCMD_NOT_FOUND The file named MvNCAPI.mvcmd should be installed in the mvnc directory. This message may mean that the installation failed.
MVNC_NO_DATA No data to return.
MVNC_GONE The graph or device has been closed during the operation.
MVNC_UNSUPPORTED_GRAPH_FILE The graph file may have been created with an incompatible prior version of the Toolkit. Try to recompile the graph file with the version of the Toolkit that corresponds to the API version.
MVNC_MYRIAD_ERROR An error has been reported by Intel® Movidius™ VPU. Use MVNC_DEBUGINFO to get more information.