class Device

Info Value
Package mvnc
Module mvncapi
Version 2.0
See also DeviceOption, Graph, Fifo, enumerate_devices()


The Device class represents a neural compute device and provides methods to communicate with the device to perform inferences.

Create an instance of this class each neural compute device. You can get a list of identifiers for neural compute devices present in the system with enumerate_devices().


Create a Device instance:

device = mvncapi.Device(identifier)
Parameter Type Description
identifier ctypes.c_void_p The identifier of the device to initialize.

A list of valid identifiers can be obtained by calling the mvncapi module global function enumerate_devices().

When the Device has been successfully created the DeviceState will be CREATED.


Method Description
close Cease communication with the device.
destroy Destroy the Device and free associated resources.
get_option Get the value of a DeviceOption.
open Initialize the device and open communication.
set_option Set the value of a DeviceOption.

Typical Usage

See the Python API Overview for more information about typical API usage.


from mvnc import mvncapi

# Get a list of valid device identifiers
device_list = mvncapi.enumerate_devices()

# Create a Device instance for the first device found
device = mvncapi.Device(device_list[0])

# Get the device name and output to console

# Open communication with the device

# Use the device...

# Clean up