mvNCCompile Error Codes

Error Code Message
1 Setup Error: Caffe Import Error.
2 Setup Error: Using a version of Python that is unsupported.
3 Setup Error: Caffe Syntax Error: …
4 Toolkit Error: Stage Type Not Supported: …
5 Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: …
6 Setup Error: no Myriad Executable detected.
7 Toolkit Error: USB Failure. Code: …
8 Argument Error: Network description cannot be found.
9 Argument Error: Network weight cannot be found.
10 Toolkit Error: No such Mode …
11 Argument Error: Expected ID not provided.
12 Argument Error: Image cannot be found.
13 Toolkit Error: Provided OutputNode/InputNode name does not exist or does not match with one contained in caffemodel file Provided: …
14 Toolkit Error: Data Type Not Supported: …
15 Toolkit Error: Parser Not Supported: …
16 Toolkit Error: Internal Error: Input Stage is not first layer.
17 Toolkit Error: Internal Error: Could not build graph. Missing link: …
18 Toolkit Error: Internal Error: Invalid Conversion Optimization. From: …
19 Toolkit Error: Setup Error: Not all required arguments were passed / Erroneous arguments.
20 Toolkit Error: Input Layer must be in an input_shape construct.
21 Argument Error: Validation metric not supported
22 Toolkit Error: Unable to tell what parser is required. Consider overriding with –parser argument.
23 Toolkit Error: Mismatch between input layer of network and given input file.
24 Toolkit Error: >1 image inference not supported.
26 Toolkit Error: No moviUsbBoot Executable detected.
25 Myriad Error: …
27 Setup Error: Too Many / Too Few Shave Processors Selected.
28 Caffe Error: MemoryError. Potential Cause: Available RAM not sufficient for Network to be loaded into Caffe
29 Setup Error: Tuple Syntax Incorrect, should be in form x,y,z
30 Toolkit Error: Filetype not supported as a input.
31 USB Error: Problem Transferring data.
32 Setup Error: Problem parsing configuration File.
33 Toolkit Error: No Temperature Read from device.
34 Setup Error: Values for input contain placeholder. Pass an absolute value.
35 Setup Error: Not enough resources on Myriad to process this network.