Base Examples

There are several example applications and networks included with the NCSDK:

  • Apps
    • hello_ncs_py
    • hello_ncs_cpp
    • multistick_cpp
  • Caffe
    • GoogLeNet
    • AlexNet
    • SqueezeNet
  • TensorFlow*
    • Inception v1
    • Inception v3


Use the following command in your ncsdk directory to download necessary prerequisites and models and build all examples:

make examples

You must have a neural compute device attached to your system to build the examples.

Building Individual Examples

Each example comes with its own Makefile that will install only that specific example and any prerequisites that it requires. To build and run an example, run the following command within that example’s directory:

make run

The Makefile for each example also has a ‘help’ target that will display all possible make targets:

make help

Neural Compute App Zoo

Many more examples, including user-submitted networks and applications, can be found at our Neural Compute App Zoo GitHub repository.